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Toddler Program

Walking and Talking with our Toddlers

All Day Learning Centers offers a toddler program that creates a safe, nurturing, and engaging learning environment for your children. With a focus on providing a comprehensive curriculum and a supportive community, our school is dedicated to helping children reach their full potential and develop a love for learning that will last a lifetime.

Toddlerhood is full of "firsts." From first smile to first friends, our dedicated staff is here to nurture and support your child through every milestone. This age is characterized by various fascinating changes in every developmental domain: physical, cognitive, language,  and social-emotional. As toddlers explore the world around them, their rapid development is marked by newfound independence, communication skills, and curiosity that shapes their understanding of the world around them. 

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Classroom Environment

Qualified Teachers

We employ a team of highly qualified and experienced teachers committed to providing individualized care and attention to each child. Our teachers have extensive training in early childhood development and are skilled in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere that encourages exploration and learning.


Nurturing Environment

All Day Learning Centers provides a nurturing environment that fosters growth and development in all areas of a child's life because they are supported by and have formed bonds with trusted adults. Our classrooms are designed to be bright, spacious, and engaging, with age-appropriate materials and activities that encourage learning and exploration. We also have a large, secure outdoor play area where children can run, play, and explore the natural world.


Comprehensive Curriculum

Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to support young children's cognitive, social, and emotional development in all learning domains. We offer a balance of teacher lead and choice activities that foster both cooperation and independence. These activities include music, art, storytelling, exploration of interest areas and physical activity. Our teachers provide regular progress reports and work closely with parents to ensure that each child is meeting their developmental milestones.


Exciting Enrichment

At All Day Learning Centers, we strive to offer students enrichment opportunities that expand their world. Each week, our toddlers have yoga class, Kindermusik, a visit to our STEAM room, and enjoy a robust art curriculum.

Safe and Secure Campus

Safety and Security is a priority at All Day Learning Centers. We regularly inspect our facilities to make sure all our safety measures are operational and remain secure. We have strict safety protocols, including secure fencing and age-appropriate equipment for outdoor exploration. All staff are CPR First and Aid certified and trained in the use of AED and Epi-pen. We have integrated a secure check-in and check-out system that ensures children are always with their authorized adults and allows parents to be notified of such events.

  • Flexible hours

  • Dedicated staff

  • Engaging enrichment

  • Robust art and music curriculum

  • Daily outdoor play

  • Quality curriculum

  • Safe and secure campus

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