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Infant Program

Discovering New Experiences with our Infants

We understand how important it is to find safe, nurturing care for your infant while you’re going about your day. For more than 50 years, families have entrusted their children to our experienced staff.


The first 18 months of life are bursting with discovery and developmental milestones. We offer classrooms dedicated to our infant children that accommodate their needs best. We set high standards to maintain a safe, secure, and enriching experience for our youngest students.

  • Low Teacher-Child Ratios: Our small group sizes allow our dedicated and professionally trained staff to spend time with each child, encouraging language development, reading and singing songs, and keeping every child safe as they build bonds with trusted adults which is the foundation for social-emotional development.

  • Clean and Secure: We have the highest standards for keeping our rooms clean and sanitized and for maintaining a healthy and securely contained campus for all our children and staff.

  • Safe Nap Environment: We adhere to proven safe sleeping protocols, including “back to sleep,” secure cribs, firm mattresses, well-fitted sheets, and constant monitoring.

  • Unlocking Learning Potential: Our school has created an outstanding curriculum for our infants aged 6 weeks to 18 months that is based on the widely held expectations for child development. This allows for our early childhood educators to monitor and assess the individual growth and development of each child while providing support and resources as needed to help each child continue reaching new milestones.


Classroom Environment

Younger Infants (6 weeks to 12 months)

Students spend the morning exploring art, books, and music. They develop their motor skills with tummy time. Our school uses the Creative Curriculum, which  encourages students to explore their environment and surroundings through play. Each baby has their own schedule tailored to meet their individual needs. Our babies have outdoor play on our turf playground and get daily outdoor wagon walks for a dose of fresh air and sunshine.  


Older Infants (13 to 18 months)

The older and mobile infants’ mornings are full of music, coloring, painting, and group story time. Their academic portion of the day comes from the Creative Curriculum, focusing on growing our students' social-emotional, physical, cognitive, and language skills through play. Our class has structured outdoor playtime each day. In the morning and afternoon, they play on the turf playground, gain confidence walking around with push toys, and enjoy fun with bubbles.

Safe and Secure Campus

Safety and Security is a priority at All Day Learning Centers. We regularly inspect our facilities to make sure all our safety measures are operational and remain secure. We have strict safety protocols, including secure fencing and age-appropriate equipment for outdoor exploration. All staff are CPR First and Aid certified and trained in the use of AED and Epi-pen. We have integrated a secure check-in and check-out system that ensures children are always with their authorized adults and allows parents to be notified of such events.

  • Daily outdoor wagon walks and structured outdoor playtime

  • Personalized care schedules for each student

  • Safe sleep protocols in both classrooms

  • Mixed-age infant classrooms helps socialization

  • Robust art and music curriculum

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