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We announced rollout of Phase one of ProCare for Parents starting April 1st 2022 for the infant and toddler rooms. Some families should have already received invitations to join ProCare. We sent follow up emails to these families only, to check in with how
families are interfacing with the software and to collect feedback at that time. If this invite doesn’t arrive, please send us a message at

Phase two will be the Preppers and PreK rooms. Before this phase happens, we will communicate with families to let them know an invitation is on the way.

Please note that parents of siblings will only see reports on April 1st of the infant and toddler rooms, and not of their other child that attend classes in any other room or activity such as before and aftercare.

We are updating our contact information and have noticed some families only provided a single email address. If this pertains to you, please provide contact information for you, your spouse or the child’s guardian.


We greatly appreciate your patience towards the gradual roll out of ProCare Software.


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