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Preschool Program

Nurturing a Love of Learning through Creativity

We love watching how our 3 and 4-year-olds approach tasks as natural problem solvers. Our preschool program hones in on each child's innate curiosity and expands that yearning for discovery to all areas of our classroom. The year between ages 3 to 4 is crucial for a child's development as their cognitive skills flourish. Students learn to engage in more intricate thinking processes, make decisions, and effectively solve problems. At All Day Learning Centers, we meet students where they are and give them the tools to explore the world around them.

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Classroom Environment

Academic Development

Preschool is the perfect time for a child to discover the enjoyment of literature that will one day grow into a love of reading and writing. Teachers introduce numbers by counting, letters by reading, and new vocabulary by offering students new sensory experiences and so much more.


The Creative Curriculum is the cornerstone of our preschool program. This researched based curriculum encourages students to embark on a journey of exploring the world around them. Daily lessons are based on studies and rooted in play based learning that allows students to forge crucial connections that fuel their development. The Creative Curriculum places utmost emphasis on fostering our students' social-emotional, physical, cognitive, and language skills through the power of play and natural explorations that builds on students’ prior knowledge.


Our staff actively engages in continuous training to ensure each student's holistic development. This ongoing professional development equips our educators to guide students in achieving various social-emotional, cognitive, physical, and language milestones. Furthermore, our teachers explore the latest research-based methods to deliver effective instruction in literacy, mathematics, science and technology, the arts, and social studies.


Social-Emotional Development

Watching friendships develop and flourish is always exciting in our classrooms, especially for preschoolers. These first bonds are integral in each child's social and emotional development. Children learn essential behaviors like sharing, tum taking, and collaboration by providing a safe, comfortable, and encouraging environment for students to explore. With a teacher’s guidance, students learn how to resolve conflicts, express their feelings using words, and begin to empathize with their classmates and understand other people’s feelings.


Physical Development
Everything we do—from running on the playground to coloring in the classroom—helps students refine their fine and gross motor skills. Our teachers and staff carefully curate activities to engage each child's mind and body with unique activities like planting and harvesting fruits, vegetables, and flowers in our campus garden. Time is spent outside daily on our playground dedicated to Preschoolers, complete with a climber with safety tire flooring and a sandbox with various sand toys that strengthens finger and hand muscles and develops coordinations.​

Safe and Secure Campus

Safety and Security is a priority at All Day Learning Centers. We regularly inspect our facilities to make sure all our safety measures are operational and remain secure. We have strict safety protocols, including secure fencing and age-appropriate equipment for outdoor exploration. All staff are CPR First and Aid certified and trained in the use of AED and Epi-pen. We have integrated a secure check-in and check-out system that ensures children are always with their authorized adults and allows parents to be notified of such events.

  • Flexible hours

  • Dedicated staff

  • Engaging enrichment

  • Robust art and music curriculum

  • Daily outdoor play

  • Quality curriculum

  • Safe and secure campus

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