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How We Learn: A Focus on the Arts

The STEAM program (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) at All Day Learning Centers is uniquely designed for our budding student artists. Our creative part of the program was designed by an artist and specialized art educator. Our art rooms are fully stocked with all the components for the highest quality arts program.

Our art program introduces students to the work of a famous artist each week. By standing on the shoulders of giants and discussing the masters, our teachers inspire our budding artists to look at the style and make their own unique masterpieces.

Recently, our classes studied pop-art pioneer Claes Oldenburg. The Swedish-born American sculptor began his career creating soft sculpture versions of everyday objects. Oldenburg is best known for his public art installations that remain on display worldwide today. He drew inspiration from items he used each day and sculpted giant replicas of these items.

His notable works were used as inspiration by our students, including the 1988 Spoonbridge and Cherry on the grounds of Walker Art Center in Minneapolis and the 1996 Saw, Sawing displayed at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center.

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