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Pre-K Program

Setting the Course for Kindergarten and Beyond

Our Pre-K program refines the skills that four and five-year-old students need as they prepare for kindergarten. All Day Learning Centers offer these young learners a structured, stimulating environment that develops essential cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills. This crucial phase of your child's education helps students along their educational journey, establishing a solid foundation and a love for learning.


We follow the Creative Curriculum – a researched based curriculum that focuses on five key tenants we believe are vital for student success:

  • Positive interactions and relationships with our staff help students learn

  • Social-emotional development in our students is key

  • Purposeful play is essential for learning

  • Keeping the classroom environment clean, bright, and organized sets out students up for success

  • Teacher-family partnerships are a vital connection that helps our students in every way


By focusing on imaginative play, student exploration, and strong family partnerships, our staff sets each student up for success in several key areas of development.


Building Skills for Kindergarten

Motor Skills

While fine motor skills are needed for writing, developing these abilities starts with the body's larger muscles. At All Day Learning Centers, we pack our pre-k program with opportunities to grow through playing in our outdoor Pre-K playground, spending time in our campus garden, and playing games full of running, hopping, skipping, and jumping.


Our Pre-K playground is next to the Preschool playground, lined with wood chips and complete with a new climber, a sandbox equipped with toys and shovels, a rock climbing wall, and monkey bars.


To refine fine motor skills, teachers and staff fill the classroom with opportunities for children to strengthen hand muscles. Painting, cutting with scissors, pasting, and sorting prepares children for handwriting. Our carefully curated art curriculum invites students to explore a well-known artist's work and create their own artwork based on the artist's portfolio. Activities like tying or untying shoes encourage fine motor development, promoting self-confidence and independence.


Language Skills

Before children can master the skill of reading, they must expand their vocabulary and language skills. Our teachers plan classroom activities with pre-reading abilities like rhyming, visual memory, and print and sound recognition. Children are encouraged to immerse themselves in books that support their interests and regularly access new books through our campus library.


Congnitive and Problem Solving Skills

Four and five-year-olds explore their world by asking questions and solving problems through play. These experiences empower children to navigate real-life situations with confidence and resilience. By successfully taking turns with shared classroom toys, pre-k students learn valuable communication, negotiation, and problem-solving lessons.


Fun exercises like creating rules for a new game nurture imagination, cooperation, and cognitive flexibility, stimulating creativity and logical thinking.

Safe and Secure Campus

Safety and Security is a priority at All Day Learning Centers. We regularly inspect our facilities to make sure all our safety measures are operational and remain secure. We have strict safety protocols, including secure fencing and age-appropriate equipment for outdoor exploration. All staff are CPR First and Aid certified and trained in the use of AED and Epi-pen. We have integrated a secure check-in and check-out system that ensures children are always with their authorized adults and allows parents to be notified of such events.

  • Flexible hours

  • Dedicated staff

  • Engaging enrichment

  • Robust art and music curriculum

  • Daily outdoor play

  • Quality curriculum

  • Safe and secure campus

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