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Our Campus

Fun & Safe


We have a state-of-the-art STEAM Rooms (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) in each of our 3 facilities.

Classes are scheduled to visit these rooms on a regular basis! Activities in these rooms are all age-appropriate for those students using them.


Activities may be teacher or student directed, depending on the complexity of the activity the students are engaged in.

Safety & Security

Webcams are installed in every classroom, in the main hallways, and that point at doors to record who enters and exits the facilities.

If necessary, management may view saved video. Video is saved for every camera in the school. Parents are able to purchase a monthly subscription to our webcam services. Please see the Director for details.


Each of our facilities offers a Secure Door System that requires a code be entered in order to gain entrance. Codes are periodically changed in order to maintain security. Parents will only be given codes for the facilities they need to get into. See the Director if you need a door code or have a question on the door systems.


All classrooms are safe and maintained daily for cleanliness.

For our younger students, potties are in the classrooms. For older students, potties are used by multiple classrooms, accessed through hallways just outside of the classrooms.

Our Main Building offers a library that classes visit often throughout the year. 

Our Infant Room has its own door to its playground.

Infant, Toddler, and Pre-School rooms each have their own emergency doors to the outside.


Our playgrounds are located behind our buildings. For safety reasons, each playground is sectioned-off by age group, with each section separated by fencing.

Each section has its own age-appropriate equipment.


Infant and Toddler playground has a new climber with safety turf. It also has a sensory table that students use for sand and water play.

Preschool Playground has a climber with safety tire flooring. It also features a sandbox with various sand toys.


The Pre-K playground located directly behind the Preschool playground is lined with wood chips. This playground has a new climber, a sandbox equipped with toys and shovels, a rock climbing wall, and monkey bars!


Our Outer playground is where our older kids play from ages 5 and up. This has a new climber as well along with a field. Our field has soccer goals, a tetherball pole, a sensory table, balance beams and lots of jump ropes and hula hoops.


Our garden is located in the back of our outer playground. Here the kids help with planting fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

Once ripe, students are able to pick the fruits and vegetables to learn about the plant growth process. Having our garden also allows our students to gain responsibility by tending to the garden on a regular basis.


Each of our three facilities has a kitchen with a refrigerator and microwave. Parents may use the refrigerators for their child’s snacks and meals. When needed, teachers are able to heat foods for their students using the microwaves.

We have a washer and dryer in our Main Building kitchen, where we wash sheets, towels, and most other items that need washing. We try to wash as much at the school as possible to we do not need to send dirty items home with parents.

Our Main Building has a stove/oven which is sometimes used for cooking activities with the students.

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