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Kindergarten Enrichment

Enriching Your Child's Kindergarten Experience

For kindergarteners who attend school elsewhere, our Kindergarten Enrichment program is an add-on or supplement for families who are looking for more for their children. Parents can choose to send their child to their local public school and opt for their child to start or finish their day at All Day Learning Centers to further their kindergarten learning, socialization, and academic support.

Our Approach

Flexible for Families

Our Kindergarten Enrichment program allows students to spend half of their academic day at All Day Learning Centers. Parents have the option to send their child for the morning or afternoon on our campus. Enrolling your student in our Kindergarten Enrichment program gives them an additional place to learn, play, and thrive. Your child will make more friends, receive extra academic help, and experience a new range of exciting extracurricular enrichment.

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A Focus on Academics and Social Skills

Learning comes alive at All Day Learning Centers! Our kindergarten students receive instruction from a New Jersey state-licensed instructor to ensure a top-notch education for each student. Our kindergarten teacher addresses each student's unique learning style and educational needs. Our full-day program goes beyond basic academic standards by prioritizing each child's growth and development across all subjects.


We align our curriculum with New Jersey Student Learning Standards to ensure it meets the highest educational requirements. We collaborate with local districts to implement valuable student resources and programs, including Foundations for Language and Writing Development and Everyday Math for Mathematics.


The Kindergarten Enrichment students participate in a range of extracurricular activities that enhance their learning journey. These activities include music sessions, center time for hands-on exploration, and invigorating outdoor play, fostering physical and cognitive development.


We also offer weekly enrichment programs to broaden each student's horizons and nurture their interests. These programs include yoga classes, interactive Kindermusik sessions to foster a love of music, a comprehensive art curriculum to unleash their creativity, and visits to our STEAM room, where they learn about science, technology, engineering, art, and math projects. Furthermore, our campus library is a hub for literary exploration and discovery.

Safe and Secure Campus

Safety and Security is a priority at All Day Learning Centers. We regularly inspect our facilities to make sure all our safety measures are operational and remain secure. We have strict safety protocols, including secure fencing and age-appropriate equipment for outdoor exploration. All staff are CPR First and Aid certified and trained in the use of AED and Epi-pen. We have integrated a secure check-in and check-out system that ensures children are always with their authorized adults and allows parents to be notified of such events.

  • Flexible hours

  • Dedicated staff

  • Engaging enrichment

  • Robust art and music curriculum

  • Daily outdoor play

  • Quality curriculum

  • Safe and secure campus

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