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How We Learn: Preppers

The Prepper program explicitly supports 2- and 3-year-old students as they explore the world around them, soak up new experiences, and strive for newfound independence. As children advance past learning to walk and start to talk, they navigate social dynamics, including taking turns, playing make-believe, and discovering new emotions. Our school created the Preppers classroom to address this unique developmental stage, preparing each student for preschool and beyond.

Dedicated and Nurturing Staff

At All Day Learning Centers, we have a dedicated group of exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable educators passionate about delivering personalized care and support to our students. Every child is unique, so each receives individual attention to best address their needs and give them the boost they need to achieve their next milestones.

Our team features highly trained professionals equipped with expertise in early childhood development. They work daily to cultivate a nurturing environment that fosters curiosity, exploration, and educational growth, ensuring that each of our students receives the highest level of care.

Quality Academics

The Creative Curriculum is the foundation of our academic program and invites students to explore the world around them, inquire about new things, and discover all their environment has to offer them. Imaginative play leads to vital connections in each student's development. The Creative Curriculum focuses on growing our students' social/emotional, physical, cognitive, and language skills through play.

This curriculum has five major tenants our classrooms follow:

  • Positive interactions and relationships with our staff help students learn

  • Social-emotional development in our students is key

  • Purposeful play is essential for learning

  • Keeping the classroom environment clean, bright, and organized sets out students up for success

  • Teacher-family partnerships are a vital connection that helps our students in every way

Our staff participates in ongoing training to help students reach their full development in a wide range of social-emotional, cognitive, physical, and language milestones. Teachers also explore the latest research-based methods to teach literacy, mathematics, science and technology, the arts, and social studies.

Positive Classroom Environment

Beyond academics, our teachers and staff structure our program incorporating important play and social milestones. Through small group time and imaginative free-play, students explore alongside their friends.

We strive to create a nurturing environment that promotes whole-child growth and development in every aspect of a student's life. Our classrooms are designed to be bright, inviting, and fun— an ideal setting for learning and exploration.

Broadening Horizons with Extracurriculars

We ensure a well-rounded and stimulating learning experience each day by offering our students daily extracurriculars, including music, center time, and outdoor play. The playground our Preppers use encourages students to explore their senses and abilities with a climber with safety tire flooring and a sensory table for sand and water play.

Our school is also dedicated to providing students with enriching opportunities beyond the standard classroom's scope. Every week, our Preppers program offers a variety of activities, including yoga classes, Kindermusik sessions, visits to our STEAM room, and a comprehensive art curriculum. Students can access exciting campus facilities, including regular visits to our library and school garden.

Safe and Secure

We take safety and security seriously and recently added an improved, state-of-the-art video security system, enabling families to access live feeds of the campus on their mobile devices with tight security protection in place. Security systems like ours are typically used in universities and large educational facilities, keeping our campus secure while parents can remain plugged in.

We regularly inspect our facilities to ensure all safety measures are operational and secure. We have strict safety protocols, including secure fencing and age-appropriate equipment for outside play. Our staff are CPR and first aid certified, and our check-in and check-out system ensures children are always with their authorized adults.

Learn more about how we support your children ages from 6 weeks of age to age 13. The All Day Learning Center family offers flexible hours from 7 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The All Day Learning Centers family is here for your family when you need us.

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