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Next Week Starts Our Weeklong Celebration of National “Week of the Young Child”

The Week of the Young Child is almost here! All Day Learning Centers will join over 60,000 schools nationwide to bring attention to young children's and their family's needs and uplift the organizations that meet them. Our school will celebrate dress-up days and fun activities from April 3 through 7. Here’s our exciting schedule:

  • Music Monday - Dress as a Rockstar

    • Students will enjoy a reading by Karen Rostoker-Gruber and a parade around the school with instruments.

  • Tasty Tuesday - Dress as a Princess and Pirate

    • Princesses and pirates will enjoy a fruit salad picnic.

  • Work Together Wednesday - Dress as your favorite Community Helper

    • Each class will build its biggest tower using the blocks from its centers.

  • Artsy Thursday - Wear as Many Colors as You Can

    • The walls of each classroom will be covered, using giant rolls of art paper for students to take turns painting, drawing, and coloring.

  • Family Friday - Dress as What You Want to be When You Grow Up

    • Parent volunteers will read to the class and other visiting parents alike before they all enjoy an afternoon snack.

Our children are at the center of our focus every day—year-round. Learn more about how we support your children ages from 6 weeks of age to age 13.

Our All Day Learning Centers teachers and staff are here for you when your family needs us. All Day Learning Centers offers full- and part-time options with flexible hours from 7 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

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