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All Day Learning Centers Makes a Splash: Adding Swimming to Summer Camp

All Day Learning Centers is excited to announce our partnership with Pinnacle Health and Fitness and EZ Learn to Swim to add swimming to our 2023 Swim~Play~Learn Summer Camp included in our weekly cost.

Fully potty-trained campers ages three and up will now enjoy weekly swim lessons. Each session is part of a fun, formal training curriculum based on American Red Cross principles. Every pool day includes a structured lesson and time for free water play. Our busses will transport campers with our buses to Pinnacle Health and Fitness, and our teachers will accompany preschool campers in the pool.

“The benefits of our summer swim program go far beyond the pool,” said Melinda Rushing, Executive Director of All Day Learning Centers. “Swimming helps improve each child’s strength and flexibility and helps develop the gross motor skills they will rely on for the rest of their lives.”

According to Griffith Institute, children learning to swim tend to develop fine and gross motor skills faster than their non-swimming peers. These physical skills help keep your child safe outside of the water and improve their ability to perform in other sports as they grow up.

Our school family is here for you when your family needs us. All Day Learning Centers offers full- and part-time options with flexible hours from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Learn more about how we support your children ages from 6 weeks of age to age 13 throughout the school year and in the summer.

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