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Why Our Families Have Been Coming Back for 50 Years

In 1972, All Day Learning Centers answered a growing community need. Our moms and dads had to work and needed an extra hand with their children. We’ve understood this need clearly, adjusting our hours to accommodate longer work days and offering a flexible schedule—so, we’re always here when you need us. We became the extended family that helped and support our working families.

For 50 years, thousands of families from Hillsborough and other nearby communities trust All Day Learning Centers to care for, educate, and help their children develop into inquisitive and kind individuals. Our qualified teachers and staff form strong partnerships with parents and children. This decades-long commitment to our community matters as we continue to serve new families and those we have known for generations.

Beyond our availability and flexibility, our school has a well-grounded, curated curriculum, safe and beautiful campus, and dedicated, caring staff offering only the very best learning environment for your child. We nurture every student’s intellectual, social, cultural, physical and emotional needs. And we work hand–in-hand with families to make sure the children are thriving.

Our school family is here for you when your family needs us. All Day Learning Centers offers both full and part-time options with flexible hours from 7 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Learn more about how we support your children ages from 6 weeks of age to age 13.

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